Q&A: Hatty Keane

We caught up with London-based soul artist, Hatty Keane, to discuss all about the artists’ debut EP, Nostalgia, her retro sound and more.

Hi Hatty, thanks for speaking with us, your sound is heavily inspired by retro soul/funk, how did you first discover your sound and how did you first start out as a singer-songwriter?

Believe it or not, originally I started out refusing to write – out of fear to be honest and also confusion about where I wanted to go musically. It’s been a long process of learning and trying different things out but eventually my love of old Hollywood glamour and retro soul gelled together and it all just made sense to me.

You put out a live cover of Shirley Brown’s ‘Woman to Woman’ earlier this month, what inspired you to do this?

A few years back my manager Michael played me this epic Shirley brown number and I remember just giggling at how long the intro was. Listening to that for the first time was really my introduction into soul music so doing a live version now means a lot to me because that song opened up this amazing chapter/beginning for me.

Your debut EP, Nostalgia, released last year. What challenges did you face when writing it? And what would you say your favourite track is?

It was challenging writing during lockdown at first because there wasn’t any outside inspiration to draw off but this helped me to further delve into my own imaginary world of 1960s Hollywood and create stories there.

‘Diggin’ you’ was the first track and opened the door to the EP so it has got to get props for that haha!

Which new artists and bands are you really into at the moment?

I don’t listen to too much new music because I find it can have too much influence on me and I want to just do my own thing. I rely on Michael my manager to play me some good bits new and old and he always delivers!

Once the pandemic is over, what’s the first thing you want to do?

I want to get on a flight and just have that feeling of freedom back. Travelling is my biggest joy and inspires me the most. You can’t tell stories if you’ve never lived any I guess!

For someone who hasn’t heard you yet, how would you describe your music?

Soulful, funky old school vibes.

Who would you say your biggest influences are?

There’s too many and I am honestly still discovering more and learning more every day. Motown as a whole is definitely a major inspiration to me.

What would you say your career highlights have been so far? Sharing stages with the likes of Rudimental and Ed Sheeran or being part of a national TV campaign for Boohoo must be up there?

Yes for sure, playing the O2 with JLS years ago was incredible but actually the joy of having my EP out there as a true reflection of who I am as an artist, is the best feeling/highlight so far. I just can’t wait to get out and play the EP live!

Finally, what message do you hope to convey with your art?

I don’t want to convey any particular message to be honest, I just want to be real and true to myself and where I’m at each time I come to write a song and tell a story. If people feel something when they listen to me then that means the world.

Listen to Hatty Keane’s debut EP, Nostalgia, by clicking here.

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Q&A: Hatty Keane
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