Jazmine Flowers drops debut single ‘Awkward’

London based artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Jazmine Flowers, has released her debut single ‘Awkward’.

The track is full of stunning vocals, relatable lyrics,  R&B nuances and electronic textures.

Having amassed a fanbase of 32,000 people on Tik Tok, the Brixton born singer is now signed to Island Records.

Speaking about the track, Jazmine Flowers says: “I guess with awkward I didn’t just want to say “I’m awkward” if you listen to the lyrics, I reference a lot of things which are signs of depression and anxiety like memory loss, feeling uncomfortable around people, hot flushes. I write about it in a pretty light-hearted way but it’s a super prevalent issue among lots of people.

The lyrics “I don’t chat shit about shit I don’t know no shit about, I’d still lick the floor despite the taste in my mouth” I wrote because so many people over compensate for their shyness with talking shit and acting smart but I will happily bask in my awkwardness. It also just sounds cool.”

Listen to ‘Awkward’ below:

Stay up to date with Jazmine Flowers below:

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Jazmine Flowers drops debut single ‘Awkward’
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