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The name Hannah Wants remains to be a powerhouse in the world of dance music. She’s a DJ and producer with some very impressive credentials, but with the worldwide pandemic hitting the live scene incredibly hard, Wants’ livelihood was turned upside down. Yet, Hannah Wants returns with new music, single “Never Gonna Tell You” and an inspirational outlook for the future. We caught up with Wants ahead of the new release to talk about her own label, her plans for the year and that one track that’s become a UK night out staple.

Hi Hannah, how has the start of the year been for you? 

Heyaaaaa… Other than struggling with the current situation and the huge injustice the music industry is facing in the UK right now, life and 2021 is and has been great thank you! I spent the first four months of the year living in Ibiza which was amazing and I was able to focus on making lots of new music as well as invest lots of time into myself which I’m super grateful for.

Since starting to DJ in 2010, you’ve become such a huge staple in the house scene! Tell us more about your career and what it’s like being a globally-loved artist.

I actually starting DJ’ing around 2002ish, I’ve been DJ’ing about 19 years now which is crazy, I started pretty young! 2010 was the year I decided to go out to Ibiza for the summer with a dream to become a DJ. My journey has been an incredible one and one that I’m super proud and grateful of. To reach a certain level is one thing but to remain there for years is a whole other ball game and you know what I still have so much more I want to achieve on a world wide scale. It might seem crazy but it feels like I’m only just getting started and I think it’s because I feel like I’m just starting a new Hannah Wants chapter. The music which is forthcoming is without a doubt the strongest and most diverse I’ve ever released and we’ve re-branded for the occasion, I’m really excited for you all to see (and hear) it!

Your single “Rhymes” is the pinnacle to all my nights out, there’s such a classic sound to it that feels both nostalgic but also fresh, and yes I just had to check that it was released in 2014, no way has it been that long! What do you think makes the perfect dance record? 

I wish I knew, because if I did I would have been able to recreate many more ‘classics’ since then. I think that’s what makes those kinds of records special, it just has something, whatever that something may be, that makes it timeless. The vocal on Rhymes will always be stand out and then I genuinely think with this one, less was more on the production. It’s catchy as hell and great in so many settings.

I think we all know just how rubbish the last year or so has been on the industry, how has it affected you? Your touring scheduled must’ve have been completely overturned?

The last 16 months have been extremely challenging both in a professional and personal sense. 2020 tested me hard and to be honest I’m still healing and processing but I’m in a much happier place now and looking forward to ultimately getting back to what I love to do (I hope sooner rather than later!).

Not touring for 16 months has been super difficult and it still feels SO weird not travelling and flying every week but I’m a big believer in having a positive attitude and whilst times are tough right now with no end of the madness in sight, I’ve enjoyed investing all my extra time on myself and in the studio etc.

How does someone who thrives in a party, human-filled environment cope when being stuck in doors for the best part of a year?

With great difficulty. What I’ve missed most is the human connection, that feeling when you’re DJ’ing to a crowd and you can feel the energy and the vibe… it’s the best feeling in the world and honestly I’ve missed it all so much. I can only hope and pray light, right and sense prevails and we’re free to dance again soon.

You have your own label called Etiquette Records, what are you looking for in artists before you sign them?

It’s the music that does the talking first and foremost. I’m looking for authenticity, something fresh, something that catches my attention and something that I believe would work well on the dance floor. Post that stage, whether they’re established artists or up and coming, I really love to work with nice people who like to work hard.

We got a sneak peak at your new single (and we love it!), what can you tell us about it?

Never Gonna Tell You has actually been about two years in the making! It actually started out as a Love Story V’s Finally edit to start my sets with but I quickly realised it could be a stand out track of its own and so it kept developing instead. As soon as the vocal was recorded me and my team really believed it could be a hit and it’s honestly my favourite record that I’ve released to date. I’m super proud of it and I’m excited for it to be finally released!

What’s your plans for the rest of this year?

To hopefully get back to touring and get back in the clubs! On a production front, for the first time in my decade long career I have a full and varied release schedule so look out for that!

Are there any releases you’re looking forward to sharing later this year? 

So many. I have collaborations with Miguel Campbell, Martin Badder, Rafa Barrios, Jey Kurmis and Jess Bays to name just a few and one of the positives to come from the COVID madness has been having the time and freedom to experiment with sound and style in the studio and from that I’ve been able to make the best (and most varied) music of my career so far by far. Just wait and see!

And finally, where’s the first place you’re heading to when everything it back open?

I just booked my flights back to Ibiza today for next week so I’m heading there, my favourite place in the world!

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! 

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Q&A: Hannah Wants
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