Madison Margot doesn’t want to head back to “Heathrow”

American pop singer-songwriter Madison Margot shares the new single “Heathrow”. Infused with a hint of country vibes, the single features elegant synth-pop melodies that are intoxicatingly sweet. It’s a cutesy track about long-distance relationships and the struggle to be apart from that loved one. Country-infused pop goodness, that’s what this most certainly is.

 “I wrote Heathrow about long-distance relationships. The anxiety that comes with counting down the miles until you have to kiss your lover goodbye at the airport. I have spent the past couple years between London and my home Los Angeles, and Heathrow has become a very important setting in my story. Such an iconic airport that I have a love/hate relationship with! I am so proud of this song because of how it unfolds line by line. How the chorus throws a tantrum. How the verses bring attention to small details such as the music being listened to and the typical English weather. But no matter how specific it is, it is ultimately a song about just wanting to be with your love!”

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Madison Margot doesn’t want to head back to “Heathrow”
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