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LA-based artist Gatlin just shared her latest EP To Remind Me Of Home. Showcasing her country-pop sounds, Gatlin is an artist creating addictive songs that are embedded with relatability. With confessional lyricism and dynamic melody lines, Gatlin hones in on her own experiences to create music laced with vulnerability. We caught up with Gatlin to chat about the EP, country-inspo and Nashville venues.

Hey Gatlin, how’s this year been for you so far?

This year has been so so good to me. In January I moved to Los Angeles. So it’s been a year of change. 

You’ve just released your new EP To Remind Me Of Home, can you tell us more about the collection of tracks?

Definitely! They were all songs written since the pandemic and deal with relationships and mental health. They are all very truthful lyrically and talk about situations I was going through in real time. 

We loved “Whenever He Asks” and the new single “Hospital” is glorious. What inspires your songwriting?

I just love writing about what’s going on in my life. Specifically, the sadder things because it helps me process and move through it all.

How freeing is songwriting? Does it help to unravel feelings and emotions that you didn’t know you had?

I think once I put a situation into a song it takes some of the “bigness” away from it. It makes me feel like my problems or emotions aren’t too overwhelming or large because they were able to be put into a song. 

There’s hints of country throughout the EP, and you moved to Nashville a few years ago. Has country music influenced who you are as an artist?

Most definitely! I grew up listening to a lot of old country – thanks to my grandparents. And a cute lil fun fact is I’m related to The Gatlin Brothers (a country band that was big in the 70s). 

What artists were you listening to during childhood that still have an impact on you today?

I gravitated the most to 70s/80s/90s rock and then singer/songwriter music. My parents always had Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Pearl Jam, etc playing around the house. But definitely the first album I remember falling in love with as a child was Shania Twain’s “Up”.

And finally, what are the best venues in Nashville to catch live music?

Oh man there are such great venues around town! I love them all! I think I have a special place in my heart for The End. I went to my first shows in Nashville at that venue. 

Thanks for chatting to us!

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Q&A: Gatlin
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