Vanessa Gimenez rejects toxicity on “Doing Better”

Vanessa Gimenez shares the slow-pop single “Doing Better”. Wrapped with lo-fi, sluggish vocals, the single is woven with a mellow backdrop that, despite its melancholic tones, is actually pretty anthemic. Gimenez’s vocals, as always, are distinct and convey emotion with every note. “Doing Better” rejects toxicity and embraces stepping out of the environments that cause you pain.

“‘Doing Better’ is a post breakup song at its core. But the message can be applied to many things in today’s society. I feel like a lot of people feel the need to ‘one-up’ each other, probably because of things like social media toxicity. It is really funny though when you remove yourself from it and just observe people being weird.”

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Vanessa Gimenez rejects toxicity on “Doing Better”
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