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Danish pop guru Ea Kaya (the moniker of Christine Kiberg) recently shared one of her best tracks to date. At just 23 years old, she’s one of Denmark’s most exciting acts to watch. With her outspoken wisdom on sex, love and relationships, Ea Kaya intertwines sleek melodies with honest lyrics. We had a quick chat about her new single and why Danish pop is so damn good.

Tell us about your new single ‘Cruel To Be Kind’.

‘Cruel To Be Kind’ is written for someone I have very close. He had gone down an unhealthy road that didn’t lead anywhere, and he was drowning frustration. Feeling like nothing was going right at the time, he desperately tried to find a way to forget his reality. It was awful to watch, both because he’s a gifted guy who didn’t cultivate any of his abilities – but also because his unhappiness lead to anger that affected his family. His self-pity blinded him to the fact that he was the only one with the power to actively change his situation and mindset. That made me write this song.

There’s a lot of blue in your recent artwork, is there a story behind that? 

Blue is naturally connected to the songs. The previous single was called “4 AM” and I wanted to catch a night sky on the cover of that one. “Cruel To Be Kind” has a line in the chorus that goes “if you’re the moon then I’m gravity, your head’s in the clouds, I’m bringing you down” – therefore it was obvious to shoot out in the open air and cross our fingers that the weather was on our side!

You’re signed to No3 alongside some other cool Danish artists, what’s it like being on a successful roster?

I was very determined to sign with No3, as I loved their sound and image as a label. I actually listened to some of No3’s artists as well, and that of course made it extra cool to join the pack.

What do you think makes Danish pop so successful?

Pop sure is a wide term. But if I should name one thing that successful Danish artists or bands have in common, it’s authenticity. People who make a name for themselves abroad are often people that don’t try to fit into a prototypical superstar formula. They stand by their heritage and beliefs – and dare to be different.

Do you think you’ve evolved as an artist since when you first started?

When signing with No3 back in early 2017, I was extremely into electronic pop. Since then, I’ve experimented a lot in the studio, with my own writing, but also with my live sound. After playing live a lot this year, I’ve experienced how my music really comes alive in a more organic setup. I still do pop. But it won’t be straight-out electro-pop anymore.

Is it true you hit a million YouTube views at only 15?

Sure is! I’ve erased most of my videos from planet Earth now, but I managed to gain a whole ton of views as a teen with a bit of luck and a good amount of tactic.

We’re loving the new single here at LOCK, but when can we hear it live? Are you playing any UK dates soon?

Unfortunately, not. You can request me at your local festivals and radio stations. Then there’ll be a bigger chance that it’ll happen!

Finally, who else in the Danish pop world should we be listening to right now?

There is extremely much blooming on the Danish music scene right now. It’s so, so exciting to follow! Here’s a couple of acts I’d recommend for you to check out: Jada, Elias Boussnina, Nosaint, Drew, KOPS, Liss and Soleima.

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Q&A: Ea Kaya
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