Q&A: Caity Krone

LOCK’s Samantha Humphrey caught up with rising musician, Caity Krone, to discuss her debut EP ‘Work Of Art‘. Read on to find out all about the singer-songwriter and her inspirations…

Hi Caity, welcome to LOCK! We’d like to start off by asking you to talk us through your sound for any new listeners, how would you describe your music?

It’s very Californian and lyrically driven. I’m discovering all of the different corners of my sound and my voice, but those two things will probably always be true.

Which artists – recent or more classic – would you say are most inspirational to you and why?

Adele, Taylor Swift, Carole, Joni, Aretha, Stevie, Linda Ronsdtadt. They’re storytellers — either through their voices or their writing. They made me really understand that at the heart of everything, it’s about the songs – the stories.

Have you always had a passion for making music?

Always singing. Writing poems and short stories since I was a kid turned into writing songs when I was a teenager.

We enjoyed listening to your latest EP Work Of Art, what inspired the message of the songs? Is there anything specific you would like listeners to take from listening to the EP?

Thank you so much. The EP is about being infatuated with someone, and the way they can become the sort of undercurrent of your entire life. That sort of crush can induce a lot of unexpected feelings — loneliness, resentment, losing yourself a bit.

Hotel On A Mountain is the song we’ve had on repeat whilst working from home. Which track from the EP is your favourite?

Thank you! I’ve Been Lonely was an early favourite since the first demo (the original vocals are still on the final recording). I would say it’s a toss up between that and Work of Art.

Are there many songs you’ve written that didn’t make it onto Work Of Art? If so, will they be saved for future releases?

There were maybe between twenty and thirty songs, many of which were me trying to find my voice as a writer. There’s one I know Ill put out early next year for sure, and a few others I might want to keep to release later.

The music video for the EP’s title track, Work Of Art, sees you play different characters, our favourite was the cheerleader (what an outfit!). How did you conceptualise the idea for the shoot and what statement are you making with the music video?

Each of the characters is a different part of having a crush who’s into someone else: being their reluctant cheerleader and almost resentful spectator, wanting to change yourself to be like the person they have their eye on, and then the painted face represents being myself, an artist and performer, and what being work of art means to me — yourself as you are.

Piano and guitars seem to play a big role in your music, do you play any instruments yourself? If so, when did you learn?

I was interested in writing lyrics and singing before I fell into playing. I’ve always played piano just well enough to write. I started facetime guitar lessons in March at the beginning of lockdown and it’s given me so much more confidence as a writer and a musician.

We’ve noticed that despite being based in LA, many of your lyrics include the names of London boroughs. Are you a Londoner at heart? When we’re able to travel safely again, where will you be flying to first?

London is a really hard place not to fall in love with. Have you seen Love, Actually? I was born and raised In West LA, Ive always really loved it. I used to want to escape to London, and be someone else, but during the process of making the record, I fell back in love with home in a lot of ways, a lot deeper than before.

Thank you for your time today, it’s been great getting to you know you and your music. If you have any advice for young female artists breaking into the industry, would it be?

Thank you for having me! I would say trust yourself. Your gut is what needs to guide you. You have everything you need to succeed inside yourself. Uplift other women and their art, find community with each other whenever you can.

Listen to ‘Work Of Art’ below:

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Q&A: Caity Krone
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