EP Review: Sad Girls Club by Veda Black

Veda Black’s debut EP has the perfect soundtrack to take you on a journey of regret, acceptance and starting all over again.  The opening title track to Sad Girls Club invites the listener into a nurturing hug, encouraging them to find solidarity in sadness.  

Here, you can stay as long as you need to, and wallow with no commitment, nor a guarantee that you’ll feel better.  Throughout the EP, the backing vocals create a dreamy, trance-like effect, transporting the listener to a safe haven of warmth, comfort and lit incense. Rising from the ashes of a broken heart, delicate acoustic guitar strumming creates an ambient atmosphere to reflect on how to pick up all of the pieces.  

Soothing harmonies underly Veda’s crooning as she longs to “get serious,” which may be a familiar feeling to anyone who wants to break the routine of spending too much time in bed overthinking.  The track gathers momentum, transitioning from a soft ballad by uplifting listeners with funky piano chords and an empowering message to take action.  

On ‘Call It Love’, Veda battles with difficult and intense romantic feelings, and she’s anxious of falling into something “hard to uncover.” The chorus of “I heard that’s what they call it,” shows a longing desire to understand love, but she feels unable to trust her intuition and worries about repeating past mistakes.  Part of feeling low can often be just watching time pass, and it is after several cups of coffee that Veda Black reminisces on an encounter with a former lover.  Distorted high-pitched vocals and fast paced melodic bass lines permeate ‘Several Coffees Later’, creating a mood of confusion, with “feeling upside down.” Displaying vulnerability, ‘Only You’ describes the power you give to the person you love the most.  

While confessing her deepest feelings, Veda doesn’t shy away from getting too personal, but remains resilient throughout.  With Veda’s sultry voice floating across raw, intimate and romantic lyrics, Sad Girls Club is a perfect listen for anyone falling in, or out, of love. 

EP Review: Sad Girls Club by Veda Black
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