Q&A: Alice D

Alice Dallin-Walker, AKA Alice D, is a singer-songwriter from London. We spoke to the R&B artist about her new single ‘Offline’, the R&B scene in the UK, and more.

You’ve had quite a musical upbringing from your parents, when did you first start creating your own music? 

I wrote my first couple of songs with my dad when I was 11…he had a mini studio set up with a keyboard, guitars and a mic. He’d make me a backing track and we’d write ideas and record together, I loved it! In my teens I started to write with Oscar Scheller, who I have collaborated with on all my latest music. It’s great to go full circle & work with Oscar professionally now.

You’ve produced songs in a range of genres, and Offline feels a lot more stripped back than the rest of your discography. Is this where you’re hoping to go in the future with your music? 

I love the whole stripped back vibe of “Offline” but I don’t really have a plan when it comes to my music. I just make music that I like and can connect with, regardless of genre. 

Your new song talks about the downsides of social media and how we should enjoy real life. Was there a particular event that inspired you to write this song or just how people around you are in general?

It was mainly my experiences of every day life & people watching. When someone walks into you whilst on their phone, that sort of (annoying) thing. I was also feeling quite nostalgic, thinking back to a time when smart phones didn’t exist & there were no pressures to fit in or compare ourselves daily.

R&B and hip hop/ rap are coming back strongly in the US but seem to be slipping in the UK. Why do you prefer this genre & why should other people listen to it? 

I actually feel like the R&B/soul scene is getting stronger in the UK. There are brilliant artists such as Mahalia, Miraa May, Jorja Smith & Ella Mai that are definitely flying the flag. The UK has its own Grime scene with artists that are now internationally known, which is why I don’t think hip hop/ rap is as big.

Personally, I love all genres but have always connected to R&B music as my dad brought me up on artists such as Brandy, Mariah Carey & Aaliyah. People can listen to what they want but for me RnB never gets old, there’s so many classics that people can sing along to, new musicians breathe new life into it all the time & it has such an influential history. 

What artist (s) would you say have heavily influenced this new sound for you? 

I didn’t really set out to produce a new sound per se. Tim (the producer) likes the minimal approach. He made the track from scratch and I love that he just took control, played live guitar on it and came up with such a cool backing track, while Oscar & I wrote the lyrics. I’ve been told the track has an old school vibe to it with the use of the choir. I’ve been listening to a lot of the artist Mahalia & she has a similar style. She used a choir in her song ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex,’ which is one of favourite songs. 

You’ve released one tour date so far, when can your listeners expect more? 

I’ve been doing a few shows and I played my first UK festival back in May. This year my goal was to get a band together, which I have achieved. I’m just focusing on gigging more with them, so that is my plan. Watch this space!

Listen to ‘Offline’ by Alice D below.

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Q&A: Alice D
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