Purpl Reveals ambient debut single ‘YOU KNOW’

The artist and producer, Purpl, has unveiled her colourful debut single YOU KNOW.

Inspired by living with synaesthesia (when you can see, hear, or associate colours with music and other things) and  “the ups and downs of life”; YOU KNOW is the first example that showcases Purpl’s charming and intrepid lyricism, and minimalistic self-production.

Speaking about synaesthesia and music in her latest press release, Purpl had this to say:

“When I started making music, I noticed nobody understood what I meant when talking about the colour of songs. This is when I really began to use my synaesthesia as a tool in the creative process. I’ve always had such a clear idea of the music I’ve wanted to create and over time, as I crafted my sound, all became purple.”

Listen to YOU KNOW, below.

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Words by Cameron Poole

Featured Image by Chynna Guyat

Purpl Reveals ambient debut single ‘YOU KNOW’
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