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Rachael Sage to release new album ‘Myopia’

With a career spanning two decades and ten million YouTube streams under her belt, NYC based Multi-Instrumentalist Rachael Sage eagerly awaited thirteenth album Myopia releases in the UK, on the 19th of October.

The Album, with its emphasis on Rachael’s guitar playing, signals a departure from the piano-based releases that we have come to expect from her. Featuring Hoboken based guitarist James Mastro (whom Rachael has affectionately nicknamed the ‘King of Wah’) the album is striking, meaningful, and truly beautiful.

Comprised of the eponymous title track ‘Myopia’ (named after the eye condition from which Rachael suffers) and 13 additional songs, this album navigates delicate subject matter with ease and sensitivity, and in the process showcases Rachael’s true versatility as a musician and a performer.

The album is about starting again, about thawing out, about seeing things clearly. The title Myopia acts as a metaphor for society’s often narrow-minded and short-sighted approach to diversity and difference, whilst the album itself protests this prejudiced outlook. The tracks, with their uplifting harmonies and devilishly catchy chorus lines, also remind and encourage the listener to be kind, compassionate and understanding – it is an LP with a clear message.

‘Myopia’, the album’s eponymous track, is about introspection and the redemptive power of creativity. It is about relinquishing any damaging pre-conceptions that you might have about yourself and creating a more positive space for yourself. The track exudes hope and courage, and acts as the perfect anthem for the self-love movement that is currently sweeping the globe. The LP also includes ‘Alive’ (a track inspired by the passions of Frida Kahlo), ‘Snowed In’ (a track about the societal paranoia surrounding Edward Snowden), and ‘No One is to Blame’ (a cover of a Howard Jones track, the synth pop legend that Rachael went on tour with last spring).

With her characteristically smooth vocals and her obvious lyric writing talents, Rachael Sage’s new creative project proves she is no one trick pony. ‘Myopia’ releases in the UK, on the 19th of October, but check out the title track below….

Words: Polly Havelock

Rachael Sage to release new album ‘Myopia’
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