News: Bella Calypso releases new single ‘Summer Doesn’t Have To End’

A TALENTED singer-songwriter who has a penchant for pulling on the emotions of her listeners has released a brand-new track.

Bella Calypso, from London, has dropped her latest single, ‘Summer Doesn’t Have To End’, which perfectly captures the passion of a summer romance.

Written and produced by Ali Sam and Papa Shiraz, who also features on the release, the single is a makeup-breakup duet about a relationship which doesn’t have to end.

Speaking about the track, Bella said: “The song becomes a song for all seasons as the couple decide to stay together, through and beyond summer.”

Bella, who attended the performing arts school, Hurtwood House, first started dabbling in music and singing while in her teens.

It’s a hobby, and an interest, which has grown rapidly into an unbridled love and stimulating obsession, as Bella enthusiastically divulges.

“Music has undoubtedly been one of the most powerful and influential things throughout my life,” she said.

“I think it is incredible that music has the ability to affect people’s emotions so much; it can make you happy, it can make you cry, it can make you nostalgic and it can make you fall in and out of love.

“The purpose of my music is to channel my own life experiences into a song that other people can relate to and feel empowered by.

“I always try to get a good balance between strength and vulnerability, whilst being unapologetically honest and keeping a bit of humour in my songs too.”

News: Bella Calypso releases new single ‘Summer Doesn’t Have To End’
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