Q&A: Rumbi Tauro

Rumbi Tauro is a new artist that makes striking R&B tunes. Rumbi grew up around music, being classically trained in piano and violin at the age of five. Her debut EP titled The Process, released earlier this year.  It’s an EP that outlines the 23-year-old’s personal journey of self-belief, finding herself and growing up. 

We caught up with Rumbi to talk about the EP and more.

Hi Rumbi, we really enjoyed your debut EP, The Process, how would you describe it to our readers? 

I would describe The Process as a story of love and the highs and lows that it can bring. The EP explores the journey that heartbreak takes you on, from a place of being broken into finding the new version of yourself. A place where you realise you were never really broken in the first place, you just needed this event to happen to really break out of your old shell.

We know you have a classical background in music, when did you start to shift to the R&B/Soul music we hear from you today?

In terms of coming from a classical background, alongside that I have always had a love for R&B. The times that I was doing practical exams for piano and violin, I was also jamming along to Alicia Key’s album, As I am. I was also listening to Ciara’s album, Goodies, at a young age. So my love for R&B has always been there, there’s never been a certain point where it shifted.

The lyrical content on this record feels very relatable to anyone in their twenty-somethings, when did you start writing about your experiences through music?

I only started writing it in January 2020, when I decided to do my EP. Before I was too afraid to try and write, as I feel it’s a very vulnerable experience. I’m so glad I finally did it. I have been doing covers for years whenever I was performing, I wanted to finally find out who I am as an artist.

Is there an overall message you hope listeners will take away from this EP? 

The overall message I want my listeners to take away every time they listen to The Process is that you will always be okay. Whatever situation you’re going through- heartbreak, grief, a hard time, work challenges- whatever it is. Just hold on because you’re always going to be okay in the end.

I loved hearing the old school influences on this record, especially on ‘Don’t Bother Me’. What were some of your inspirations for this track?

My inspiration for Don’t Bother Me didn’t come from anyone specifically. However, I wrote the Ep in the order you hear it and I knew I wanted my last track to really go out with a head bopping vibe. I feel like adding such adlibs like ‘Rock with me now’ really take us back to old school r&b, even if you don’t know the song you can still vibe with it.

Is there a meaning behind the butterfly on the album cover?

The meaning behind the cover is that I see a butterfly being something that is perfect and symmetrical. However, the background is jagged so it’s a juxtaposition. That love (the butterfly) can be beautiful, however it can hurt (the distorted background).

What does a typical writing session look like for you?

A typical writing session now for me looks like starting off with a word (a title for a song) and at the moment a visual. So for example- if I see a picture of a moon during a song writing session- that’s now set the tone for what I’m going to be writing about. I usually have breaks in between to listen to songs I love to just take the pressure away of trying to perfect what I’m writing.

During this weird period of no live music and lots of alone time, how have you been staying inspired?

During this pandemic it’s not been hard to stay inspired, but it’s been hard to understand how to continue to be creative the we’re only restricted really to online platforms. I have been exercising and just enjoying being outside when the weather is nice. Being at peace in my garden during lockdown has really helped me to stay creative.

What music is on your heavy rotation at the moment? 

These are the following songs I’ve had to on heavy rotation at the moment:

Beyonce ft Shatta Wale- ALREADY

Pop Smoke ft 50 Cent & Roddy Ricch

Bare With Me The Album- Justine Skye

Chris Brown & Young Thug- Go Crazy

And lastly, what can we expect from you next?

What you can expect from me is another single. For the next year, I am going to be funded by the PRS Foundation to develop as an artist and to create my next single. I am so incredibly honoured to have been given this funding and the mentorship that is coming alongside it.

You can also expect more growth from myself, as I learn more about who I am as an artist. It feels like I’ve been involved with music for years but we’re just getting started now!

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Q&A: Rumbi Tauro
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