Miranda Joy drops new single “Up In Flames”

UK-based Singer-songwriter, Miranda Joy, has shared the brand new single “Up In Flames”.

The track itself features striking piano chords, delicate harmonies, and strong vocals.

Speaking about the track, Joy says: “This is a song that was written many years ago and when revived recently for a gig, it was so warmly received in its new joyful arrangement it seemed the obvious choice for a third single release. The elation and excitement built into the track, for me, is reflective of how much fun I’ve had creating this with such good and wildly talented friends. I don’t want to limit the listener by telling them what the song should mean to them, but I hope they feel the same deep sense of joy hearing it as I’ve had throughout this creative process, as – like the song – I move into a new and exciting phase of life.”

Listen to “Up In Flames” below:


Miranda Joy drops new single “Up In Flames”
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