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Live Review | Becky Hill @ O2 Academy Brixton

For a show that had been postponed one too many times, Becky Hill’s sold out headline show at Brixton last night was phenomenal. 

Despite suffering a food related illness (hun, we’ve all been there), Becky’s professionalism took centre stage as she rattled off banger after banger. Setting the crowd aflame with dancefloor filler “Afterglow”, a track that continues to get the vibes flowing even eight years since it was released, Becky’s vocals are stratospheric, her stage presence vibrant and her innate ability to make five thousand people feel as one collective, electric.

Brixton is quite simply one huge party while Becky plays through her set. With a couple of acoustic moments with tracks “Lessons” and “Party People”, and a quick appearance from S1mba on garage-infused track “Could Be My Somebody”, it’s the huge tunes from Becky like “False Alarm”, “I Could Get Used To This”, “Lose Control” and “My Heart Goes (La Di La)” that solidify her expertise in knowing exactly how to please a crowd. The echoing response of the crowd’s singing almost (only almost though, Becky is a powerhouse of course) drown out the vocals that are being pumped through the speakers, whilst heart throbbing bass lines and punchy beats are poured out to the incredible number of fans who have waited patiently for this moment for so long.

While Becky’s artistic journey has soared over the past few years, her dedicated and loyal fanbase adore her every move. Every single note Becky hits evokes an emotive response from the thousands of people who are standing right infront of one of their favourite artists. Stood in a venue surrounded by people who respect and love an artist so much is incredibly reflective and it leaves a mark: a mark of pure joy.

Becky Hill’s sold out show at Brixton last night was a kaleidoscopic dream fuelled by all the bangers that help to create lasting memories with best friends and enhance late night boogies in clubs. Her spellbinding performance puts pressure on a lot of other artists to pick up the slack. Her realness, her pure vocal talent and the way her music brings people together in moments of both euphoria and collective sadness is one a few of the things that make Becky Hill one of the most exciting artists for this generation.

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Live Review | Becky Hill @ O2 Academy Brixton
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