Maggie Andrew steps out of her “Survival Mode”

As part of her trilogy of tracks, Maggie Andrew shares “Survival Mode”. Following “ILMIHM” and “Honda Civic”, the new single is sees Maggie come out of the other side experiencing emotional and physical abuse. It’s a powerful cut that sees an artist be completely honest and open with her feelings and being able to express them in a track as hauntingly beautiful as this, well that’s incredibly special.

“Even though I thought I’d be stuck in that life forever and this would be the end of the road for me, I’m glad it wasn’t. I want this to be a segue for people to know they’re not alone, they have someone, I’m here. I read and answer all of my DMs. I want the women and men who are all going through things to know I’m in your corner. I’ve been through it. For the longest time I felt like I didn’t have a voice, and communication was a skill that I lacked because of an abusive boyfriend who would yell over top of me. I’m not a victim of anything that happened to me; all those people are losers. Now I’m here. This is my calling to be here and to be this person who is a strong symbol of someone who can go through all that trauma and still be powerful.”

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Maggie Andrew steps out of her “Survival Mode”
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