Lois Rae drops debut single ‘BADDIE’

AN alt-pop newcomer has officially announced herself to the world after dropping her debut single.

Lois Rae, an enigmatic future star from the UK, has released the eagerly awaited ‘BADDIE’.

The sultry and sleek track offers an enticing glimpse into the artistry of Lois, who fuses contemporary R&B production with punchy piano keys and honeyed, sassy vocals.

Adding another layer to the track, she also injects subtle elements of rap and creatively intersperses lightly vocoded melodies.

Speaking about ‘BADDIE’, which was inspired by social media culture, Lois said: “It’s sassy and empowering and I used this track to explore the idea that a woman is much more than the image you see of her on Instagram.

“It’s a tongue in cheek way of responding to people who judge a book by it’s cover.”

‘BADDIE’ is out now and Lois Rae’s debut EP is expected early next year.

Listen to ‘BADDIE’ here:

Lois Rae drops debut single ‘BADDIE’
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