Lizzy McAlpine shares the gloomy single “doomsday”

Hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Lizzy McAlpine is a rising artist with something to say. Her new single “doomsday” is a dreamy orchestral backing, the track is a flawless exploration into brooding indie-pop. It’s a clean-cut gloomy number from an artist revelling in the tender guitar plucks and looming melodies.

This song is about being in a relationship that is so toxic that you know it’s doomed and preparing yourself for that eventuality,” notes McAlpine. “It’s heavy in funeral metaphors, because heartbreak to me is like a death and that’s where I got the concept for the skeleton look in the music video. This song also starts a new phase for me and my sound and it’s extremely exciting to be able to break out of the Give Me A Minute box and step into a more mature version of myself as an artist.”

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Lizzy McAlpine shares the gloomy single “doomsday”
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