Allegra slays with latest track, ‘If You Wanna Love Me’

With her debut release, ‘All About Us,’ Britsh-born Allegra made it known she is here to stay and slay.  As a newcomer to the competitive dance-pop industry, Allegra keeps on delivering chart-crashing material with a second single, ‘Do What I Want,’ and the newest offering, ‘If You Wanna Love Me.’ 


As a teenage pop star, Allegra lets everyone in on the ride of her figuring stuff out. Through experience, she learned how to be vulnerable and empowering at the same time. Due to the success of the dynamic single ‘All About Us,’ Allegra could’ve submitted to the pressure, but instead, she seized the opportunity and held onto the chance to show what she’s got. 


In the face of adolescence, Allegra ignores all distractions and focuses on mastering the craft. After listening to her newest single, ‘If You Wanna Love Me,’ there is a new sense of maturity where she demands the best. It is too easy to be submerged into the world of situationships and uncertainty at such a young age: as if love wasn’t already too confusing. 


However, on ‘If You Wanna Love Me,’ Allegra seems to know better and asks for more. With the catchy hook, retro disco beats, ‘If You Wanna Love Me’ is another certified dance bop. 


For rising artists, consistency is hard to obtain, not for Allegra. Her debut ‘All About Us’ broke into the US Billboard Dane chars and peaked at number #2 in the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Charts. Another significant milestone for Allegra was the success of her collaborative effort with R3HAB on ‘Used To Mss You,’ which accumulated over one million streams.  


Allegra is becoming a pop act to watch, recognizing the quality of her previous releases and the magnitude of the new single, ‘If You Wanna Love Me.’

Allegra slays with latest track, ‘If You Wanna Love Me’
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