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LIVE: Fickle Friends @ Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

With the frosty winter evenings starting to creep up on us, cold, increasingly impatient fans are itching to get into Bournemouth’s Old Fire Station where they will dance the night away to Fickle Friends.

With their astounding rise to prominence over the past year or two, Fickle Friends have become renowned for their infectious, up-beat indie pop and energetic live shows. And tonight is no different.

Even before the band takes to the stage, the venue is filled with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. Suddenly, the lights drop and there is an almighty roar of cheers as the band emerges from the shadows.

They soak up the room’s atmosphere and go straight into crowd favourite ‘Hello Hello’; a fitting song title for the first song of their set. As the song builds up to its unstoppable chorus, the energy amongst the adoring fans is electrifying – it’s certainly a great way to open the show.

Fickle Friends opt to maintain the momentum and dish out another absolute banger in ‘Brooklyn’. Being possibly their most successful song to date, it is received by the crowd with open arms. With arguably one of the most infectious, funky and danceable choruses in indie pop, the venue turns into a pandemonium of dance and positivity upon its arrival, with fans singing “you are someone else!”

The band then provides yet more evidence of their quality and fantastic sound via the next songs ‘Sugar’ and ‘Wake Me Up’.

Entering the mid-section of their set, they overwhelm the venue with a combination of synths, bass guitar and drums – providing the backbone to yet another single, ‘Cry Baby’. This song gives the musicians each a chance to showoff their talents. Intricate guitar hooks, pulsating bass lines and expertly executed synths are all brought together by the extraordinary feel that the drummer creates by accenting various beats; a master class in all departments.

Fickle Friends rattle off the next four songs, ‘Rotation’, ‘Paris’, ‘Velvet’ and ‘Say No More’ effortlessly, and as they start to approach the finale of their set, their latest release, ‘Hard To Be Myself’, is received like an old favourite, as the crowd sing every word back to singer Natti Shiner.

The group end their set with two more hits in ‘Swim’ and ‘Glue’ – both of which need no introduction to this adoring crowd. Much like ‘Brooklyn’ earlier in the set, these songs are met with great appreciation, and turn the Old Fire Station once again into a nightclub filled with happiness and grooving gig-goers.

Featured Image by Steve Lewington Bass Cless.

Words by Billy Fenton.

LIVE: Fickle Friends @ Old Fire Station, Bournemouth
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