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EP Review: ‘Fire’ – Dream Wife

Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Podpadec originally formed British-Icelandic trio Dream Wife as an outlet to explore performance art. But their new EP, Fire, suggests they are exploring sonically as well.

The three-piece have honed in on their diverse backgrounds to develop a brusque mix of ‘Bananarama-meets-Riot-Grrrl’ melodic pop – injecting 80’s new wave into their familiar indie sound.

The EP’s title track demonstrates Dream Wife’s inherent ability to construct an energetic, yet consequential narrative. It drifts intermittently between reality and metaphor, all whilst hinting at an affectionate, but destructive relationship.

This angsty number blazes with addictive indie riffs and overtly defies gender rules with lyrics such as, “I wasn’t always your man”.

Inspired by astrological signs, the song’s dreamy vocals juxtapose Go’s proverbial guitar style and continue to show the band’s versatility and youthfulness.

Skillfully reflecting their post-punk feminist attitude, second track ‘Somebody’ fiercely calls out the issue of objectification with the help of some powerful, punk riffs. Mjöll’s poignant vocals are reminiscent of a young Debbie Harry. Whilst the punchy lyric, “I am not my body, I am somebody” emphasises the wider issue surrounding female empowerment and the importance of identity in a society, in which they feel, is dominated by the male gaze.

The almost patronising taunt of “it was bound to happen” satirically addresses the ‘asking-for-it’ argument that faces women. It’s this fiery statement that projects the band’s ideologies and makes them advocates for new-era girl power.

The bittersweet, rebellious nature of the EP, matched with a cover image that Vivienne Westwood would adore, illustrates the refreshingly feisty aura of Dream Wife.

Throughout Fire, Dream Wife consistently prove that they are a band to be taken seriously, unafraid to speak their mind and happy to critique the world around them – and that makes for a promising future.

Featured Image by Hollie Fernando.

Words by Paige Sims.

EP Review: ‘Fire’ – Dream Wife
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