Listen: Sarita Lozano releases new single ‘Purge’

BUILDING on the momentum of her last releases, English and Spanish artist, writer, producer and engineer Sarita Lozano has returned with her new self-produced single.

Entitled ‘Purge’, the tracks is an ode to female empowerment and sees Sarita use her voice to shine a light on domestic issues that desperately need resolve.

Opting for a dark, edgy, and eerie soundscape that captures the track’s themes, it commands attention from the opening seconds with its grime-like instrumental.

The release is richly textured, with sprightly synth patterns, making the perfect backdrop for Sarita’s striking, fiery delivery of thought-provoking lyrics that invite listeners to get more acquainted with her as she embarks on her journey of healing.

Sharing her thoughts on the single, Sarita said: “Purge is an honest account of some of the experiences that have shaped my life at first for worse and now for better. I used to be ashamed of what I lived because I blamed myself.

“I wasn’t honest with myself and so I kept living loops of negativity, running to heal other people’s pain because I didn’t want to deal with my own. I wasn’t self-aware and I didn’t accept it.

“I wrote Purge to set myself free and throw shade back at those it belongs to. I am not a victim. I am more than my experiences and more than my traumas.

I want to promote realness through self-awareness and acceptance to save other people that like me have run from their pain because the same things that once made me feel I didn’t want to be alive, now motivate me to achieve greatness.”

A passionate role model that will inspire many, Sarita Lozano creates a confident, safe-haven for fans throughout ‘Purge’. A true gem that’s worth keeping your eye on as she hopes to bring positivity and inspire others with her empowering music.

Listen to Purge:



Picture: Anabel Lozano

Listen: Sarita Lozano releases new single ‘Purge’
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