Sarah Reeves: A Classy New Challenger to Mariah Carey’s Crown

Sarah Reeves’ More The Merrier has it all – stunning vocals, a classic big band accompaniment, and joy for all, for days. Lead by brand new classic-in-the-making, ‘More The Merrier’, Sarah Reeves looks set to challenge Mariah Carey for that Christmas queen crown.


The EP features some truly cosy and comforting tunes, from the classics like ‘Winter Wonderland’ and the riotous ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ to the newer but equally loveable ‘More The Merrier’ – a mid tempo jazzy number which invites everyone in to sit beside the fireplace and crack open a nut or two. ‘Sentimental’ is a sweet, slow number about the magic of the emotions around wintertime. Clark Beckham of American Idol fame joins Reeves for the close harmony in ‘Winter Wonderland’, providing some romance and nostalgia for the album. 


From beginning to end, Reeves commands the album with her powerful vocals, joyous and warm delivery, and her relatable lyrics. “When we’re all together, the bigger the better, the more the merrier,” she cries, alongside witty little comments about pie calling her name. Sarah Reeves celebrated the release of the EP with a Christmas special, featuring live performances of her new tracks. See below!



Music is provided throughout the tracks by a full backing band, jazz guitarists and drummer and an upright bassist, as well as a beautifully full trio of backing vocals. The album as a whole is sure to add something to your Yuletide period, whether it’s on in the background as you settle down beside a roaring fire or have all the lyrics memorised already – it’s not Christmas until Sarah Reeves says it is.


With this album in the works, Christmas playlists are sorted! Mariah Carey, eat your heart out!


Sarah Reeves: A Classy New Challenger to Mariah Carey’s Crown
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