EP Review | Laura Greaves’ “Into The Dark”

Laura Greaves is here with her new EP, “Into The Dark” and that is exactly where she takes us. This four-track EP filled with fizzing synth sounds is dark, spunky, witchy. Greaves’ angelic voice with the musical backdrop of something more haunting makes this EP endlessly interesting and not to be missed. 

Firstly, the track, ‘Psychopath’ introduces us to Greaves’ fascination with all things dark, “I’ve met the devil, he’s handsome. He’s never heard of the Mansons.” Her angelic voice juxtaposed with this dark, flirtatious imagery is enough to make your ears prick.  Laura mixes this with a fun ‘boppy’ beat, deep synths, and heavy bass to really reel us in.

‘Star Sign’ is the second track on the EP, where Laura sings about being, “a slave to the zodiac”. Additionally, she beautifully mixes her dark take on the world with her spiritual connection to her birth sign backed by a simpler electronic arrangement. This track in particular is reminiscent of early Halsey releases, but Greaves’ voice is very much her own.

The third track ‘Cult’ starts with acapella clicks, Laura’s voice, and haunting laughter. When the song starts it seems unlikely that this could be a track perfect for a club dancefloor but believe me, it really is. The chorus slams with a punchy beat, guitar hook, and of course lots of synths. You can almost see the strobed lighting on a dancefloor as you listen to the track.

Finally, ending the EP is ‘Follow Me’ where Greaves tells us to follow her, “into the dark”. And with this track, it’s hard to say no. With her striking vocals, attention-grabbing beats, and electronic guitar, this song is a very strong closing to a truly exciting EP.

Greaves says this EP is a showcase of her interest in true crime and spookiness without being too serious. She said, “it’s all just fun. The lyrics are the most important part for me, I want every line to fit perfectly.”

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EP Review | Laura Greaves’ “Into The Dark”
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