Emi Wes unveils the rhythmic new single “Take Me To The Moon”

The glorious Emi Wes shares her new soulful cut “Take Me To The Moon”. Written with producer Robin Hannibal, the single is a rhythmic number woven with reggae stylings and thrilling percussion. Quite simply, it’s a track that hooks you in instantly and will have you dancing in your underwear at breakfast time – this one definitely gives you the get up and go.

“The song reminds me of the state I was in at that time I wrote it – Driving up and down Hollywood Hills to go to Robin Hannibal’s house and make songs everyday. Every day was early up and very late to bed and at that time I didn’t get that much sleep. But that period ‘Take Me To The Moon’ was made, was probably also the most playful time I had for years. It was so warm in LA, we went out a lot and I felt very liberated and inspired to play around in the studio. ‘Take Me To The Moon’ is about a very short-lived fling where you just want to have fun while it lasts, feeling confident in your desires, knowing that you have to go soon. Cause you’re too busy.”

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Emi Wes unveils the rhythmic new single “Take Me To The Moon”
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