Emma Bradley shares her evocative debut single “Perfumed By You”

22-year-old singer-songwriter Emma Bradley shares her dainty debut single “Perfumed By You”. It’s a delicate ballad that transforms into an uplifting track intertwined with R&B beats and angelic vocals. It’s really hard to not get wrapped up within this single otherwise you’ll end up daydreaming for a little while, or looking out of a window at the rain pretending the world is against you. This is a really lush debut from the London-based artist.

“I wrote ‘Perfumed By You’ in the middle of the night a few years ago. I was at uni and feeling really isolated and like I was fighting with my own head a little bit. It’s about having unrequited feelings for someone and not being able to snap out of it, as if you’re just a bit drunk on it. You are trying to get over them but can’t because everything around you is reminding you of them – like going to places you used to go together or putting on a jumper that smells like them – you can’t escape.” 

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Emma Bradley shares her evocative debut single “Perfumed By You”
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