Hannah Slavin shares the Gen Z bop “I Don’t Have A Clue”

Scottish pop artist Hannah Slavin shares the iridescent pop cut “I Don’t Have A Clue”. Woven with glitchy electronic pulses and buoyant synths, the single is exquisite Gen Z pop rolled into a 3 minute bop. A short moment of sassy freedom.

“’I Don’t Have A Clue’ was written during the height of lockdown where every day felt like Groundhog Day and I was questioning what I was doing with my life. I think when you spend a huge amount of time alone and in your own head, you can very quickly start to question everything about yourself and suddenly you’re trapped in this negative spiral. I guess this song just explores those different emotions I went through throughout lockdown, but to be honest I think the truth is that everybody else doesn’t have a clue either.”

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Hannah Slavin shares the Gen Z bop “I Don’t Have A Clue”
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