DELPHii helps us to escape reality with the iridescent cut “Lilac”

Angelene Holmes aka DELPHii shares the iridescent new single “Lilac”. Wrapped with her glacial vocals, the soothing tones of the single awash over your ears with ease. Capturing breezy soul with a rousing chorus, the track discusses the desire to escape our own mental health issues. This is a transcendent introduction to an artist helping us to float away from our realities.

“Lilac has a few dimensions; on first glance, it is a love song about missing someone. Deciding to sleep the time away and hoping to find them in the dreams you have, but there’s a sweet misery in choosing sleep to self-anaesthetize, escape reality. I think it is one of the biggest manifestations of depression I have ever felt in my life, I used to do that when everything became too much, just sleep. So it’s about more than navigating love, it’s about the self, and life, and the strange ways we learn to cope with that. Although it could mean something different to someone else, I don’t know, I want people to hear the message that speaks to them and take what they need from my music.”

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DELPHii helps us to escape reality with the iridescent cut “Lilac”
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