ANTIPOP-MVMT shares ‘No Boys Allowed’

Producer and songwriter Ophelia X, has shared a new song under the ANTIPOP-MVMT project, titled ‘No Boys Allowed’ featuring Nika.

The track features classic pop melodies, alt-rock beats, ethereal vocals and slick production.

Speaking about the track,  the ANTIPOP-MVMT says: “The song which features emerging artist Nika is about female empowerment. It’s a contrast to the cliched “boys club”. A utopia where teen girls rule. Where they lift each other up instead of tear each other down. It is a commentary on the double standards that teen girls have to follow. For example “follow all their rules cause it’s the boys club, I wear a suit jacket to school ” it’s this line I wrote when a teen I knew told me she got in trouble in school for wearing a tank top that showed her bra strap. The reason behind dress codes for young women are often sent with the message of “your body is a distraction to both our students and faculty”. This is so problematic and dangerous on so many levels. The fact that a young girl is told to cover her shoulders for fear of ” distracting an adult male teacher” is extremely concerning to me.”

Listen to ‘No Boys Allowed’ below:

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ANTIPOP-MVMT shares ‘No Boys Allowed’
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