Zed Kenzo releases enormous new single ‘Racist’

A US hip hop rapper has released her enormous new single following her acclaimed EP Baby Swag.

Zed Kenzo, whose music finds the middle ground between M.I.A and Cardi B, has dropped ‘Racist’.

Produced by the ever-impressive Crystal Knives, the track’s gigantic beats and bassline bounce effortlessly around her energetic flow.

Kenzo’s long-awaited return sees her come back with some serious power which drives through ‘Racist’ from start to finish.

Speaking about the new single, Kenzo said: “It’s really just me talking shit. It has nothing to do with racism, we just thought the instrumental was funny and provocative.”

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Kenzo discovered her passion for art and music at a young age.

Learning classical piano starting at the age of seven and having begun in the church choir just as early, Kenzo quickly developed a brain and ears built for song-writing and composition.

Listen to ‘Racist’ here:

Zed Kenzo releases enormous new single ‘Racist’
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