Giovanna returns to the spotlight with her sultry new release ‘Young Heart Player’

Written about boys that break hearts, ‘Young Heart Player’ is an enigmatic track that signals the beginning of a new era for this talented new musician. Giovanna began her career in the movie industry writing scores for independent films. She saw great success in this arena with many of the projects that she worked on going on to win awards (including ‘RISK’ which won Best Film at the Portobello Film Festival).

Since her cinematic days Giovanna has spent her time finding her sound, honing her craft, and producing spunky and yet ethereal alt. Pop classics, and she is now ready to introduce herself to the pop market. ‘Young Heart Player’ is a feisty and defiant single that focuses on the problematic way in which men often negotiate romantic relationships with women.

An alt-pop track peppered with falling synths and a weighty percussion part, ‘Young Heart Player’ is a very welcome introduction to Giovanna’s new sound, and makes it clear that she is no one trick pony. The single comes accompanied by a powerfully minimalist new music video, and it’s grand setting and passages of captivating contemporary dance are the perfect partner for the single.

A contemplative track with a real bite, the single’s intoxicating musicality is a nod to Giovanna’s film scoring days, and the delicacy with which she approaches the lyrics points to her sensitivities as a songwriter. Check out the brand new video below, and stay tuned to see what this film scorer turned hit pop creator gets up to next.

Watch the video for ‘Young Heart Player’ below.

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Giovanna returns to the spotlight with her sultry new release ‘Young Heart Player’
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