Video Premiere | Sophie Kilburn shares the hazy indie single “I’m In Love With My Therapist”

Derbyshire-born Sophie Kilburn shares the visuals for her new single “I’m In Love With My Therapist”. Woven with a hazy indie guitar backdrop, the single fuses introspective lyrics with a head-bopping melody line that is an instant hook. Kilburn’s relatability and open lyricism makes her an artist that hones in on vulnerability and uses it to build an artistry built on integrity.

The second instalment from her forthcoming EP My Room Made Public, the track asks how much of our lives should we really be sharing with the world? The video sees Kilburn in a variety of states, questioning her reality and the decisions she’s been making. It’s an explorative piece that feels personal with its DIY scenes.

“It was lockdown number two, and I was annoyed at myself for killing yet another plant and the story of the song just fell from my frustration. When you go to therapy, you are trying to understand your emotions and behaviours. Sometimes that digging causes confusion, you start to project feelings, like your longing to fall in love, onto a person who ‘gives you the time of day’. It is quite a morbid thought that the only person who you feel who gets you and you can share anything with, is your therapist. They know everything about you, and you know nothing about them but the consistency of being emotionally intimate with them causes feelings to grow to the point of breaking point.”

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Video Premiere | Sophie Kilburn shares the hazy indie single “I’m In Love With My Therapist”
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