Video Premiere | Samantha Margret reveals that she *is* “The Party”

Laced with a sultry saxophone line, the jazz-infused single from San Francisco’s Samantha Margret is a dreamy pop single. It’s a playful single that combines old school with modern to create a slice of sophisticated jazz-pop. Margret’s vocals are elegantly layered upon the almost-seductive soundscape, with each spoken word communicating power.

Showcasing old Hollywood glamour, Margret’s ode to the roaring 20s sees her dazzle in a glimmering world of empowerment. Underscored with a key message that you can find joy within yourself, the single reminds us that we are in fact the party and builds a visual around that “party for one” concept that we all so love.

“This video was my first time working with another woman on set. Exxy is a friend of mine and a super talented artist and director. She focused on getting me into the right vibe instead of the right pose. I’m a music maker, and, usually, video shoots are uncomfortable for me. Play trigger pad and sing on stage? Sure! But, lip-sync in front of a camera? No thanks. Exxy’s creative vision made the video feel like art instead of content though. Plus, I got to make all those mannequins out of paper maché in my mom’s garage. They’re lining the stairs, creeping my dad out.”

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Video Premiere | Samantha Margret reveals that she *is* “The Party”
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