Video Premiere | iris shares the Totally Spies-inspired video “to be mine (is to lose your mind)”

Nordic pop artist iris shares the visuals for her new single “to be mine (is to lose your mind)”, exclusively with LOCK Magazine. The track’s punchy pop beats and 80s-infused synths create a sugary sweet soundscape to indulge yourself into. Check it out below.

Pairing the track with a Totally Spies-inspired visuals (iconic!), the track is littered with iridescent pop intimacies that glimmer throughout. The fourth single from her debut album, “to be mine (is to lose your mind)” harnesses iris’ bubblegum vocals and layers it upon a sleek pop melody. Directed by both iris and AURORA, the visuals are a hazy ode to the early noughties girl gang who totally ruled the world.

“The idea for the video was that I wanted it to show some kind of madness and somehow make it look fun –  and the easiest way to make it look fun, is to actually have fun. So i simply just had to bring my friends into it – Ingrid, Andrea and Aurora. I wanted to base the madness-part of it on Totally Spies!, or just some kind of mood change from the ‘oh hello yes I am capable of having some chill’ vibe to the  ‘AA I CAN’T CHILL!’. I wrote the script, found the suits and Ingrid and Andrea were ready to be the sidekicks and bringers of the HYPE <3 and Aurora too, as the co-director and on choreography. She was such a force and a security on set, where she had to make us feel hot fire and make us stand in the middle of the frame.

Actually, the video was supposed to have more Totally Spies! references, but we forgot to film everything we had planned to! We also changed the script as we were filming, but somehow, the end-result still has the feeling we wanted. We just had a day of hard work and tons of fun (and a little bit of tequila). Hopefully it makes you smile, hopefully it makes you dance, hopefully you can feel that it’s just four lil’ besties working together, and hopefully it will make you watch Totally Spies! again.”

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Video Premiere | iris shares the Totally Spies-inspired video “to be mine (is to lose your mind)”
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