Video Premiere | IOTA PHI reveals her dark side on “Daydream”

Greek singer, songwriter, director and producer IOTA PHI (aka Ilia Darlin) navigates through the boundaries of genre with her music. Lacing her music with avant-pop sounds, “DAYDREAM” loops oscillating synths with reverb-drenched vocals to produce a track that effuses artistic freedom. Rooted in pop stylings, the single weaves R&B beats and electronic additions throughout, revealing a track that rides an emotive soundscape on a journey into reflection.

Exploring the topics of love, misgiving and quitting bad habits, the track is accompanied with home-video styled visuals. Projecting imagery onto white sheets makes for an impactful visual with its layered tones and shadowed figures. Its atmospherics lie clear, this is clouded imagery that reflects the turmoil the artist is mid-enduring.“The whole video takes place in a room”, she says. “Remember when you room reflected your whole world? Time and space are distorted.”

“In daydream I’m conversing with another side of me, a side which has been proven to be very dangerous, but somehow I’ve managed to keep under control. I’ve used a sample of the heartbeat of my son – Phoenix to mark a rebirth.”

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Video Premiere | IOTA PHI reveals her dark side on “Daydream”
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