Video Premiere | Bess Atwell delves deep into her psyche on “Nobody”

Glorious singer-songwriter Bess Atwell shares the new stripped-back single “Nobody”. It’s a weighted folk offering that layers her raw vocals upon a delicate guitar melody that offers a rich, warming texture. An ode to finding your personal sense of self, “Nobody” delicately journeys through the whimsical lands of loneliness, relationships (with others and ourselves) and the idea that we may never truly feel whole until we finally get lost within ourselves.

The accompanying visuals sees Bess navigating the world around her, filmed as if it’s a personal, home styled video. It’s a compelling watch that makes you get lost into the narrative Bess portrays. While “Nobody” may feel slow and ballad-like, it’s a track that is truly evocative in every way. It’s lonesome backdrop provides the cushioning for Bess’ vocals, a trait that never gets lost throughout the single. This is an artist who has found themselves within a genre that makes them perform at their very best.

“I wrote this song very quickly which is probably why it’s one of my favourites. Writing can sometimes feel laboured and emotionally draining but this felt so easy and cathartic, sort of like it just fell out. It encapsulates a specific type of loneliness, a loneliness that I think I had probably been getting closer to conveying with every song on the record, but that finally felt solidified in this one which is why I decided to close the album with it.

Often, the harder you try to figure yourself out, the further you get from knowing yourself. Without knowing yourself it can feel impossible to know and love other people. I was desperate for answers about where and who I was meant to be. ‘Nobody’ is focused on a specific relationship, but I hope it taps into something more universal – the feeling of lacking a sense of belonging.

Something about the simple Spanish guitar part reminded me a little of ‘Orange’ by Big Thief which inspired me to keep the production minimal. We recorded drums but decided to take them off, and left mostly just a subtle electronic soundscape that I had put on the demo – synth pads and bass. I wanted something a little more special for this song, so we asked the wonderful Marcus Hamblett to play some brass towards the end.”

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Video Premiere | Bess Atwell delves deep into her psyche on “Nobody”
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