Valentines Day: Our writers pick their favourite love songs

Love, it is one of the most noblest human emotions. Love can have its ups and downs, yet it is one of the most written about topics in music.

It might be a corny excuse for an annual holiday; but as it is Valentines day, we asked a few members of the LOCK team to tell us about their favourite love songs.

‘Because the Night’ by Patti Smith – Phoebe De Angelis

‘Because The Night’ single artwork credited to Patti Smith.

“Maybe it’s the fact it was an unfinished and rejected song by Bruce Springsteen, cast off as ‘just another love song’ that Patti Smith managed to shape into one of the best love songs of all time, against all odds (and arguably in a way in which Springsteen never could). But the reason why ‘Because the Night’ is so monumental to me is much more than a woman superseding expectation; instead it’s because it is one of a very few songs which embody, as well as exhibit real feeling and emotion. The soothing tones of the opening piano become overshadowed by both a haunting, yet gruelling vocal, as Smith begs with her listener: ‘Come on now try and understand // The way I feel when I’m in your hands’.

Then the instruments and vocal climax together in an attempt to drown each other out as a way of matching the emotive subject matter of disarray. The lyricism of this piece effervesces with metaphors and similes to make sense of her emotions in the only way she knows how; writing figuratively, ‘Love is an angel disguised as lust // Here in our bed until the morning comes’. Patti Smith’s ‘Because the Night’ is an all encompassing state of mind of how erratic and delirious love can leave you feeling at times.”

‘Indigo’ by Kississippi – Tasneem Hossain

‘Indigo’ artwork credited to Kississippi.

“My boyfriend put this song on a playlist he made for me when we first got together and it still remains one that stands out in my mind. The moment you hear the lyrics to this song, you know exactly what you’d rather be doing; it immediately provokes the feeling of longing and wanting to be with your special person, no matter how far away or how close they might be.”

‘A Sunday Kind Of Love’ by Etta James – Paige Sims

Etta James ‘At Last!’ album artwork credited to Etta James.

“You know when it’s Sunday and the smell of pancakes is flowing up the stairs and into your room and you hear the sweet, sweet sound of jazz coming from the kitchen and your significant other is cooking breakfast and the smell of coffee entices you out of bed and fresh yellow flowers have been placed in that IKEA vase that you thought you’d never actually use because you never get flowers…?

Yeah, me neither. But Etta James’ flawless voice has a way of capturing those kind of scenarios, even if you’ve never experienced them. A Sunday kinda love huh?”

‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ By Wolf Alice – Cameron Poole

‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ single artwork credited to Wolf Alice.

“Hands down Wolf Alice’s Don’t Delete The Kisses’ is the best love song of our generation, in my humble opinion. Ellie Rowsell and co have managed to perfectly encapsulate the highs and lows of falling in love in this day and age. With the synth-heavy, dream-esque track, Ellie details the self-scrutinies you face when navigating the early stages of a potential relationship.

From self-doubt and tormenting yourself with the question what if love isn’t for me? to the subtle realisations that you are falling for someone; ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ is an unapologetically beautiful track. It is a cinematic and unfaltering masterpiece.”

‘And Counting’ by Lights – Eloise Bulmer

‘Siberia’ album artwork credited to Lights.

“This is a love song about biding your time, waiting patiently until one day it all becomes worth it. It’s a love song to a person but also to the slow march of a long-distance relationship, the kind where you save up for weeks, months, sometimes years at a time before cashing everything in on a few days. The sparse synths are slow and steady, reflecting how time moves in the waiting room, with little changing from beginning to end. Possibly the most romantic part of this release though, is that blessthefall (a band fronted by Lights’s husband Beau Bokan) released a companion track of sorts called ’40 Days…”

‘Make Me Feel’ by Janelle Monáe – George Press

‘Make Me Feel’ single artwork credited to Janelle Monáe.

“Make Me Feel might not be a typical Valentine’s love song but I picked it because of what Janelle Monáe says about who she can love. It came from arguably the best album of last year, ‘Dirty Computer’ and is sexual funk that Prince would have been proud of. It has also cemented Monáe as a queer icon.

It’s about loving women and men; she can be with whoever she wants and it doesn’t matter. The video illustrates this where she is running between a man and a woman before they both come to her and dance together. My message is love who you want this Valentine’s Day.”

Listen to our Valentines playlist below:

Valentines Day: Our writers pick their favourite love songs
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