EP: Unfinished by Sans Soucis

London-based artist Sans Soucis is the full package: singer-songwriter, composer, producer, guitarist. The Italo-Congolese artist has released her second EP – Unfinished; a combination of jazz, classical and pop melodies. 

Kicking off with the track that the EP takes its title from, ‘Unfinished’ is the longest on the album, layering sounds and textures throughout. A jazz undertone compliments Sans Soucis’ light vocals, allowing her voice to shine on this tune.

‘Red’ celebrates life, art and music. Freedom is the theme of this track, the power in allowing oneself to commit to what they find to be important. “I covered my hands in paint to free the pain” provides vivid imagery of a blank canvas and the freedom provided by something so empty. In equal parts beautiful and profound, this track will inspire the listener to take time to learn about themselves and unlock their freedom.

The final track, ‘Make One From A Two’, displays Sans Soucis’ delicate vocals and outstanding songwriting ability.  The track features beautifully composed strings that juxtapose its accompanying drum beat. ‘Make One From A Two’, sonically and lyrically is about discovering the complexities of love. Vocals glide over carefully composed instrumentals, allowing the listener to lose themselves in retrospection.

Throughout this EP, you will feel yourself drifting off into Sans Soucis’ world, becoming captivated by its blissful harmonies and effortless vocals. The artist herself has described Unfinished as “…celebrating the individual and our ability to nurture endless versions of ourselves”. Yet it is more than just than that. The EP is the exploration of herself, tackling the rejection of typical gender roles and discovering gender identity through music. We can’t wait to hear more from Sans Soucis.

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EP: Unfinished by Sans Soucis
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