Track Premiere + Interview: ‘For My Eyes’ by Eloise Viola

Brighton singer-songwriter Eloise Viola, has released her debut single ‘For My Eyes’ – and it’s premiering right here on LOCK. 

The track sees Viola contemplating the ways in which dreams impact reality, over descending piano chords, whilst her Dua Lipa-esque vocal lifts and falls throughout the track’s verses. The single’s power-pop chorus is then attacked with both attitude and menace, and an air of assuring confidence and belonging. 

Listen exclusively to ‘For My Eyes’ now below:

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Mini Interview: 

We also caught up with the Exeter University psychology graduate to speak about writing in LA, her debut single and her empowering podcast. 

You’ve been working on music in both London and LA. If at all, how would you say each place has impacted the songs you have written? Did the sunny dreamland of LA effect you in a way, musically, that differed from the gritty realism of London?

When I first travelled to LA with my songs, I had just started to build my songwriting confidence. Brandon [Friesen, The Kooks] and the writing team in LA were instrumental in helping me refine my sound by helping me to organise my ideas and from their experience, helped pick out what works and what doesn’t. They also heard my songs completely differently than I originally had, which really helped me to pinpoint my sound and inspired me to write more. Even when working in LA, it does have a dream-like atmosphere, and so my writing reflects that, as opposed to the darker emotions and ‘real-life’ being back at home. I think having the mix of the experience writing in both LA and London has been amazing for my songwriting, in that my songs still echo who I am, but can touch on the wide range of emotions people feel and I have felt during my life so far, which I hope resonates with people listening to my songs.

You discovered your passion for music after first seeing and hearing Lauryn Hill – why do you think she specifically had such an impact?

For me it was both Lauryn Hill and her character in Sister Act 2. I was so young and inspired by the passion Lauryn Hill had for singing and her music, both in the film and in real life. As I got older I discovered Lauryn Hill as an artist and really appreciated the depth of emotion and her expression in her songwriting. I thought that her vulnerability made her really powerful. 

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What is your debut single ‘For My Eyes’ about and how did it come together?

‘For My Eyes’ is mainly about dreams. I love dreams and have always been interested in how the mind and consciousness work.  I really find it fascinating that we don’t really understand this yet. I had a dream that completely changed the way I felt about someone, and gave me a different perspective on the situation. I thought it was really almost magical that it was as if someone else had been telling me, but it actually came from a deeper part of me. I think dreams are the closest thing we have to magic…

This song is really special to me as it’s really the first song I wrote that I feIt could actually show people! It was a concept I really liked and really resonated with me. I didn’t start writing straight away, as I wanted the entire picture to build slowly. I created a separate note on my phone and was constantly thinking about the concept and I wrote ANYTHING down that I thought was relevant. It then came together quite quickly, and I was desperate to write it all out fully. 

I still have the note on my phone as well as the voice note of (terrible singing) the main chorus line while I was standing by some very busy traffic lights in London trying not to let anyone hear so they wouldn’t think I was a weirdo… I think it’s really cool that somehow I have the full process documented, from start to finish.

You’re currently creating a podcast on body confidence and the issues facing everyday women. What inspired you to create this podcast and what would you like to achieve from doing this?

I knew from an early age that I had body confidence issues, but it wasn’t until recently when I saw an old photo of me and my brother on holiday and I suddenly remembered the photo being taken. The photo reminded me that at the time I was nervous I would look fat in the photo. I was 7. It really shocked me that I remembered so clearly feeling this way when I was so young. I have had a real journey with my body image, confidence and eating over the years and I feel like I am finally at a place where I am calm and confident – a place at times I never thought I would get. I wanted to share with people my journey, also using what I learned during my psychology degree. I want to highlight and discuss common, intrusive and unhelpful thoughts many people experience. My co-host and I will discuss how we have tried to overcome them and what has helped for us. I hope to have a very real, funny and open conversation to try and help people, especially younger women, be kinder to themselves and their bodies. 

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Track Premiere + Interview: ‘For My Eyes’ by Eloise Viola
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