Tertia May

Tertia May Unveils New Single ‘WHITE’

Soul and R&B singer Tertia May has just released her latest single ‘WHITE’. The Surrey native has been focusing on encapsulating a blend of pop, jazz and hip-hop and by working with the producer Subculture, her ideas have all come to fruition in her latest musical offering.

Vocally, Tertia’s ‘WHITE’ treads a fine line of both soft jazz and R&B which helps create a track that has a contemporary and classic feel to it.

“Growing up I was always fascinated by the idea that fairytales had these villains who were pictured as powerful and manipulative. I wanted White to have this magical but quite cynical tone to it, representing love and trust within a relationship”

The single was released by London imprint Twisted Hearts Records.

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You can listen to Tertia May’s new single below.

Words by Cameron Poole.

Featured image by Anya Broido.

Tertia May Unveils New Single ‘WHITE’
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