tara-bridget shares the indie-pop “She’s so cool”

Brooklyn-based producer and vocalist tara-bridget shares the new single “She’s so cool”. It’s a sleek guitar-pop single that glimmers with her distinctive vocals and elegant lyricism. A fusion of indie-rock and alt-pop, her creative flair continues to flourish with each release.

She’s so cool was originally written for my best friend, who had a tough year. Over time, I think the song took on a broader narrative of working women I was raised around, and all around reconciling with growing into myself and finding my place as an artist, as a person.I found the melody by accident, looking for something more upbeat at the time, but I felt the lead keys were self-discovering, and the lyrics had kind of just come to me. I was thinking about my best friend, and how I love her. A fun fact is that I kept the first lead vocal take I ever took. I just sat down, and it felt perfect. Those things are rare, and I prefer not to mess with them.”

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tara-bridget shares the indie-pop “She’s so cool”
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