Sunta Moon admits “For You I Would Stay the Night” in sultry new single

Poet, singer and songwriter Sunta Moon has releases her second single “For You I Would Stay the Night” which follows on from debut “Reality”. Originally from Mexico and now residing in LA, the young artist oozes creativity with her soulful songwriting and unique way of story telling. Dreamy guitars and a soft, romantic vocal sets this single as a must add to your late night playlists.

“For You I Would Stay The Night’ was a point in my life where I was dating around a lot and none of the guys I was dating made feel a certain type of way – it wasn’t working out at all. And I remember being in a gathering where I met this guy – Daniel. He followed me all night and texted me the remaining days and we went to the beach at night together and it was supposed to be romantic but it kind of became a weird game where nothing clicked – only the idea of us clicked.

So the song is about how it takes more than just some texts, a beautiful face, attraction or a shared moment to actually have something meaningful. That’s why the lyrics say “It’ll take more than that for me to say- that for you I would stay the night.” But in the end the song is hopeful, as in maybe some day there will be a person who is the exception, who is that emotional beautiful connection.”

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Sunta Moon admits “For You I Would Stay the Night” in sultry new single
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