Stella Angelika releases the hearty “Self Care”

North London’s Stella Angelika shares the R&B single “Self Care”. A lush offering showcasing her velvety vocals, the track delivers the best of Stella’s artistry. Inspired by her own battles with mental health, the single is an empowering ode to taking care of ourselves. Something that we continue to promote, but never find the time to actually do.

“I think people often hold the belief that taking time to tend to ourselves is innately selfish. I am so guilty of this, I’m terrible at carving out time for myself, I rarely take days off and often push myself till I break. But there is only so much you can give of yourself before you are completely emptied, and tending to yourself actually enables you to be on better form and therefore more able to be there for others. I hope this song can be a little reminder to people to take that time for self care because it really can make all the difference and have a positive impact on others too!”

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Stella Angelika releases the hearty “Self Care”
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