Sophie Kilburn reveals all with debut EP “My Room Made Public”

Derbyshire’s Sophie Kilburn releases her debut EP, “My Room Made Public”. Four tracks long, the EP sees Sophie Kilburn take listeners on a guided tour of the trials and tribulations of her past and the seemingly perpetual struggle to be heard and validated, both as an artist and as a woman. Raw, real and unapologetic, “My Room Made Public” is choc-full of indie-rock goodness with a fiery 70s flare.


“The concept of the EP started from my growing hunger turned obsession with wanting to be heard. What do I have to do to be really listened to, to be taken seriously as an artist, as a woman, as a person? How much do I have to share to feel like I’m enough? I  spiralled, thinking ‘it’s just not in the cards for me’. The noise in my head got so loud that it really started to well… piss me off. I became acutely aware of how strong the pressure of sharing everything with everyone all the time is. There is this fear that if you don’t share it all your identity is no longer validated or worthwhile and that can be very dangerous. I don’t want to keep feeling that and I don’t want anyone else feeling that either. The project took on a whole new meaning when the pandemic hit and we were all forced to reflect on ourselves and the world we live in, it made me think well it is more relatable now than ever.  

With My Room Made Public, I wanted to create a body of work that is an emotionally open and honest introduction to me as an artist and the songs I write. It’s chapter one of what I  hope will become a classic trilogy. At the end of the day, I just want to bring emotional comfort and make people want to fight for what they want out of life, find themselves in their own way and never settle for something that hurts them. I guess I am trying to do that for myself too but there is always strength in numbers.”  

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Sophie Kilburn reveals all with debut EP “My Room Made Public”
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