Single Review: ‘You Don’t Love Me’ by Janette King

Janette King’s announcement of her album pre-order What We Lost comes alongside the single release of ‘You Don’t Love Me’, produced by Jonny Tobin, a summertime convertible cruise bop. 

The song kicks right into a bass heavy groove with a spoken narrative which immediately brought to mind the classic album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The singing begins with a run through of the chorus, cementing the descending melody right from the beginning, with muted wah guitars adding to the groove.

The instrumentation drops down for the first verse, with sparkling effects adding some colour to the tastefully placed bass.  The drums sit high in the mix, consisting of that dry snare and hi-hat duo which when combined with the rhythmic vocal phrasing are reminiscent of the best in old school R&B. This nostalgic glow is especially prevalent on the prechorus, with its double tracked harmonies and staccato led vocal phrasing. In addition, the beating chordal synths make this one of the hookiest sections of the track, which you’ll find yourself humming along for the foreseeable.  There is no chorus this time around however, as we are dropped back into a second verse, this time with added production and tinkling piano.

A tight rhythm section sticks this song down like super strength glue throughout, and after the second prechorus we drop into that catchy (previously introduced) chorus before a middle eight leads to a repeating vocal phrase “I’m not sure, You’re not sure”. Soothing oohs compliment the buildup, along with slowly building guitars, synths and piano. 

Following the final vocal gymnastic laden chorus, the track ends as it begins with a concluding spoken word sealing up this slice of sunny head-nodding groove pop.  

‘You Don’t Love Me’ Released 7th May 2021

Album ‘What We Lost’ due for release summer 2021 via Hot Tramp Records

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Single Review: ‘You Don’t Love Me’ by Janette King
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