Single Review: ‘Who Needs You’ by Loren Nine (LISTEN)

The Netherlands’ very own Loren Nine, who is currently stealing hearts across the UK as she supports Caro Emerald on tour, has released her new single, ‘Who Needs You’.

Nine may have been born a millennial, but the singer-songwriter takes her listeners back to the 50s with this soft, thoughtful ballad.

The track combines mellow piano sounds with slow, wave-like motions from the accordion; both complimenting each other perfectly. From start to finish, her listeners are able to identify her effortless piano skills – a talent that she has been perfecting since the very young age of two.

Lyrically, Nine pours raw emotions into her track, exploring themes of both love and heartbreak. Throughout the song, she asks the question “who needs you?”, despite knowing that she desperately wants the ‘you’ in question. It’s a heart aching story regardless, but it’s the way in which it is told, that truly enables her listeners to relate. 

At the beginning of the track, for example, Nine sings “who needs a lover with a heart of gold? When you’re down and blue,” suggesting that she wants a certain somebody in her life and may feel lonely without them. 

Although she questions these lyrics with the words “who needs you?” to possibly show strength, she carries on reflecting back to her memories with a lover she just can’t seem to forget about – something many can identify with. 

With relatable lyrics and Nine’s outstanding, jazzy vocals, this track isn’t far from being a masterpiece.

Listen to ‘Who Needs You’ now:

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Single Review: ‘Who Needs You’ by Loren Nine (LISTEN)
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