SINGLE REVIEW: ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ – Nina Nesbitt

Any songwriter of note can tell a story. The best, however, evoke feelings and connect with people, often through relatable subjects and tales. In some cases, songwriting evolves through different musical phases and artists mature with age. That is certainly the case with Scottish singer-songwriter, Nina Nesbitt.

Her debut album, Peroxide – which was penned mostly between the ages of 17 and 18 – told stories that many teenagers could relate to and charted highly. Now at 23, Nesbitt is entering a new chapter in her career, after successfully coming through a period between record deals that saw her without a label. It was a stage in her career that played a big part in shaping the artist that stands before us today – and Nesbitt herself would tell you that.

That period between her first full-length output and the present day began with her Modern Love EP. It was a record that laid the foundations for a change in direction, which came in the form of her first major pop banger, ‘Chewing Gum’.

Following that came a series of releases on her own label as part of a collaborative, fan-led project that greatly helped to develop Nesbitt’s now unbreakable bond with her fan base.

This year brought the next Nina Nesbitt chapter; a new, self-produced single titled, ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ – arguably her finest moment to date. It sees Nesbitt at her most reflective and laying her soul bare through eloquent lyrics, providing easily her most intimate and personal moment so far.

‘The Moments I’m Missing’ is the first release ahead of her sophomore record, expected next year. It sees Nesbitt writing about life moving too fast and not having a chance to process everything that’s going on, whilst also not being able to remember and reminisce about good memories and key life moments.

Unsurprisingly, it’s yet another relatable track from Nesbitt and it sticks with you until its dying breath. You feel and hear every emotive and tender word spoken. It’s truly stunning.



SINGLE REVIEW: ‘The Moments I’m Missing’ – Nina Nesbitt
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