Single Review: ‘Misty Blue’ by Amber Burgoyne

The song opens with the vocal of a raw recording, as the first verse is sang with a fuzzy and grainy vocal filter over it, reminiscent of times forgot.

This sets the tone of the song being suggestive of the past, not least because Burgoyne’s vocals seem to remind us of legendary female predecessors, such as Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin, to name a few.

But the subject matter of the song is, too, nostalgic: ‘The days feel a little longer now, and I cant wait to kiss your face when we get out of this place’, she sings.

This is most definitely referring to the lockdown world we find ourselves in today, and with a sense of entrapment looming in all the unspoken words, Burgoyne hints at how much she aches to be outside and reunited with the ones she loves.

Written, produced and released in lockdown, Burgoyne reminds her listener of what they’re missing by telling them the story of what she’s missing: a beach.

The song is filled with the soundscape of a British beach town as we hear seagulls and tides weaving themselves delicately through her vocals, not fully taking over the scene, but adding depth to it.

She explains the reason for the inclusivity of such sounds was more than just transporting her listener to a busy beach day, but it was to evoke emotion.

“This song has many naturalsounds in it and although these sounds are so familiar somepeople may have not heard them in real life for a while now.Bringing a certain level of comfort,” she said.

The song can therefore be listened to in two different ways.

It can be remorsefully looking back at a time that almost feels forgotten, as we have moved so far away from the reality of the hustle and bustle that it seems almost other-wordly.

In this state of mind her voice appears to chillingly haunt her listener, something ghostly in the culmination of the stripped back raw vocal and isolating subject matter.

Yet, there is still a warmness to her tone, a smooth soprano which melts away all worries as she manages to soothe her listener and remind them of the simpler blessings in life, friendships, nature and normality.

She delivers much needed hope in ‘Misty Blue’, this heart felt tune holds up everything we have taken for granted so that we will never make that mistake again.

In a world where we are so used to getting caught up with “MORE, MORE, MORE”, we are invited to look inwards, on the blessings which we inadvertently overlook daily.

Listen to ‘Misty Blue’:

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Single Review: ‘Misty Blue’ by Amber Burgoyne
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