Single Review | ‘Keep Searching’ by Dark Tropics

Opening with an instantly singalong euphoric melody, ‘Keep Searching’ is the latest single from Belfast duo Dark Tropics. It feels instantly recognisable, with the production cloaked in an analogue warmth which is a delight on the ears. 

After opening with an expansive introductory chorus, vocalist Rio’s vocals are brought into a more intimate timbre, accompanied by jaunty piano, occasional single note guitar stabs, distant backing vocals and little moments of flair across the drum kit. 

The beat pulls back to a shaker and kick drum for the next chorus, with the earworm phrasing putting the listener in a hypnotic candlelit sway. It has an almost gospel quality, with the harmonies and oohs panned across the minimalist instrumentation resulting an pleasing emphasis on the hymn-like melody. 

Verse two sees the introduction of a sympathetic string section mixed in perfectly to have impact yet not detract from the vocals increasing intensity. In the penultimatepercussion-less chorus things are stripped back even further than before, a strumming acoustic guitar laying the bedrock for the hopeful oohs and satin smooth vocals, a single, barely noticeable string instrument creeping in before lift off into the final chorus. Here – now we are fully immersed and confident in the melody – the listener is finally given a taste of a soaring full to the brim layering of instruments complete with repeating backing vocals, melancholic strings, piano and full use of the drum kit.

A strings led outro repeats the melody, a great closing statement to what is a fantastic slice of uplifting, vintage pop. However, even though it is instantly accessible, there are subtleties throughout which reveal themselves on repeated listens due to the brilliant mixing and live feel. This is a track which hits instantly, is produced and panned fantastically, making you feel like you are in the room as the performance is happening. It’s evident the vibe Dark Tropics were searching for on this release, as they hit the mark spot on.

‘Keep Searching’ released 7th May.

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Single Review | ‘Keep Searching’ by Dark Tropics
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